As part of the 2023-24 budget, Council has committed to developing shovel-ready masterplans for a number of Western Downs parks and recreational spaces in an effort to achieve vibrant, sustainable, and functional locations for our region's locals and visitors to enjoy for years to come.

These masterplans coincide with the development of a new Parks and Recreation Strategy which will address critical opportunities and issues, and clearly articulate a strategic pathway for the Western Downs to enhance liveability. This strategy has identified key parks within our region that will receive masterplans over the next five years.

To ensure we accurately meet the needs of our locals, Council will collaborate with the community to understand priorities and gather feedback on the spaces that directly impact you, ultimately helping shape a way forward.

Charley's Creek in Chinchilla and Lions Park in Jandowae are the first to undergo community consultation and masterplan development, with Dogwood Creek in Miles the latest site in the lineup. This includes in-person workshops with key stakeholders and online surveys and mapping activities.

A new Indigenous Cultural Area at the Chinchilla Botanic Parkland has also been undergoing community consultation with the area's First Nations families and now the broader community to develop a masterplan that appropriately recognises the culture and the history of the traditional owners.

As a result, Council will have produced masterplans ready for when funding can be allocated to the development and construction of these sites, which will ultimately improve the aesthetics and functionality of these parks and encourage more locals or tourists to visit. Watch this space!

Click on the parks listed to see the plans and learn more about each project.