Jandowae's Central Park is an important meeting place for the town and its prime position on High Street means it's a reflection of Jandowae's active and vibrant community.

With recent improvements to the park, including the Timbertown Tree, we think the fence deserves a creative and functional upgrade, too.

Western Downs Regional Council and Dalby State High School (DSHS) have teamed up to reimagine 30m of corten steel panels from simple fencing to a functional artwork — and we want you to have your say on what this could look like.

Based on your feedback (and with the help of Council's Parks and Open Spaces team), students will have the opportunity to design, engineer, construct and install these laser-cut fence panels: leaving a lasting legacy through real-world learning and community connection.

The fence panels will offer a unique opportunity to tell the story of Jandowae through images, symbols and artwork: its rich history, vibrant and active communities and bright future. As residents of Jandowae, we want you to help tell this story.

What we've already heard

As a part of our recent Parks and Placemaking Strategies engagement, we've heard from the community about what makes Jandowae great. You might like to use these concepts as inspiration for your ideas:

  • Our Timber Town: our connection to timber sawmilling and how we celebrate through the Timbertown Festival
  • Our country town feel: our rural community spirit and support networks, healthy lifestyle and peace & quiet
  • Our local history and heritage: Trumpets Corner, Athlone Cottage, Jandowae Memorial Hall and Jandowae Light Horse Unit (and our modern enjoyment of horse-related sports)
  • Our local industries: farming (crop and cattle) and rail
  • Our team pride: sporting groups and sporting facilities
  • Our iconic local landmarks: the Dingo Fence, Dingo Sculpture and Rotary Park
  • Our people: local community groups, businesses and clubs
Design Phase

After gathering input from the Jandowae community regarding the new Jandowae Central Park fence, Council presented the survey results to Dalby State High School students. Taking into account your valuable feedback, the students were provided with an opportunity to brainstorm design concepts for the fence and successfully generated some exceptional ideas. You can access their creative concepts in response to the community's input below.

Community Survey

Community Survey

Your Ideas

Your Ideas