We are investing in the future of Dalby.

Let's encourage people to stop, stay, spend and discover all the amazing things the Western Downs has to offer.

We have a once in a generation opportunity to elevate Dalby to create a regional gateway for the Western Downs we are all proud of. The Dalby Cultural Centre project is a major project that will support the revitalisation of our town.

We want to reimagine the Dalby Cultural Centre as a critical social and community anchor within the heart of our town for our community today and for generations to come.

Creating safe and welcoming places that reflect who we are, will support our businesses, provide more things for our young people to do and attract investment in our town.

Get involved in the future of the Dalby Cultural Centre

During this process, we want to work with community to not only to update amenities and transform the look and function of community places, but to create a roadmap for ongoing activations and activity. There will be many occasions for you to share your thoughts and aspirations for this project.

Project Background

The Dalby Cultural Centre project presents an incredible opportunity for our community to help shape the future of our town and the region.

As part of the development of this exciting new cultural hub, between 2022 and 2023, Council conducted two rounds of community consultation to gather information, refine ideas, and seek insights on what activities, experiences, and services the community felt would provide the greatest benefit to our region.

Engagement included the facilitation of open community and school workshop sessions as well as online surveys. Council also established a Community Advisory Panel to understand the community's needs for arts and cultural facilities and services.

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Summary of Community Consultation from 2022 and 2023


  1. Community focused – provides clear benefits for the community and gives them space to learn, play, create and grow.
  2. Shapes identity – provides a platform to build and express Dalby’s distinct identity to the world, strengthening its profile and attractiveness as a place to live, work and visit.
  3. Expands horizons – gives the people of Dalby an opportunity to learn, discover new ideas, build skills, engage with technology, participate in activities, and be inspired.
  4. Inclusive, safe & social – Provides an equal use and safe space for all people of all ages, abilities, and cultural backgrounds and encourages people to gather, socialise, collide, and form strong bonds and community connection.
  5. Gateway to the Western Downs – provides connection to the rest of the Western Downs region and creates a place to learn about the entire area, its unique people, towns, cultures, and rich history.
  6. Embedded in nature – provides an indoor/outdoor environment with greenery integrated with built structures.

Facility Considerations

Top activities and experiences as identified by the community:

  1. Activities for teens
  2. Seeing live music and performances
  3. Activities for kids
  4. Watching movies
  5. Sharing places and activities with visitors
  6. Looking at art
  7. Learning and sharing knowledge
  8. Being creative, making things and expressing myself

Location Feedback

In 2023 Council identified and presented four potential location options for the new Dalby Cultural Centre to the community. These site options included Thomas Jack Park, along the Myall Creek at the Sisters of Mercy site, the former MyALL107 site (107 Drayton Street, Dalby), and a distributed/spread-out model.

The community and CAP were asked to consider five major factors affecting each location including site considerations (environmental factors, size, slope, access, impact on existing amenity, etc), visibility and centrality, alignment with values, cost and ease of development, and compatibility with neighbours.

Community input and industry research and engagement identified Thomas Jack Park as the preferred site, and in September 2023 Council approved the recommendation to revitalise part of the park to incorporate the new precinct, while retaining Thomas Jack Park as a community parkland.

Key areas of opportunity identified:

  • Opportunity to improve existing greenspace and facilities
  • Create ‘Gateway to Western Downs’
  • Iconic, central, and visible
  • Enough space to fit all facilities
  • Space for indoor/outdoor recreation & events
  • Council-owned site – no purchase cost/time delays
  • Close to CBD – schools/shops/transport and Mary’s Place
  • Aligned with all project values