The Dalby Cultural Centre project presents an incredible opportunity for our community to help shape the future of our town and the region.

As part of the development of this exciting new cultural hub, Council conducted two rounds of community consultation to gather information, refine ideas, and seek insights on what activities, experiences, and services the community felt would provide the greatest benefit to our region.

Engagement included the facilitation of open community and school workshop sessions and online surveys. Council also established a Community Advisory Panel to understand the community's needs for arts and cultural facilities and services.

Informed by the community's response, Council has since decided on a new location for the facility and solidified a set of values, principles, and aspirations that will guide future planning and decision-making process for this project.

Next Steps

With the help of renowned architects and urban designers, Council has commenced the next phase of this project, concept plan development. During the concept planning phase, Council and the designers will consider:

  • feedback provided through community workshops and surveys
  • insights gained through the Community Advisory Panel
  • other design criteria
  • site feasibility and costs
The concept design phase will be completed mid-2024.

For the latest news, updates, and milestones regarding the Dalby Culture Centre project, please visit the project page on Council's website.