Council is developing a new strategy for wayfinding and promotional signage for the Western Downs.

Signage is a critical element of any destination’s branding, marketing, and visitor information. It's a key part of showcasing all our region has to offer, and 'the people that make it'.

Delivering this strategy supports our Tourism & Destination Events Strategy and seeks to create:

  • distinctive and innovative signage
  • visitor information displays at key tourism attractions key transport hubs & gateway locations
  • promote diversity of experiences and
  • improve how visitors and locals are guided to find the experiences and/or attractions on offer.

How to get involved

Council conducted stakeholder engagement to inform the strategy, with a series of sessions that took place from 27 to 29 March.

The community was also invited to complete the below survey to help guide the development of the strategy.

Wayfinding and Promotional Signage Strategy Survey