WDRC is embarking on a collaborative engagement process to inform a 5-year Arts & Cultural strategy for the Region. We want to support the growth of vibrant, active, creative, and cultural life within our community. We believe that arts and culture are essential for community wellbeing and should be experienced as part of our everyday lives. Council provides a range of services, venues and programs in the arts, cultural and heritage fields.

We engaged with local organisations, artists, cultural practitioners, and the community to gain an understanding of community sentiment, interests, unique creative practices, and venues in the Region. We want to understand gaps and how we could address them in the future. Additionally, we want to discover great new ideas from you to help create innovative services, venues, and programs in the arts, cultural, and heritage fields

Community Engagement

Creative Workshops
could have participated in a creative workshop in their local area facilitated by local artists and Western Downs Regional Council's Arts and Culture team members.

Past Creative Workshops

to Friday 17 November 2023 11:30 am

Tara | Meandarra | Glenmorgan

Dillon Park, Meandarra

Classroom Packs
Teachers or education partners helped Council by downloading a classroom activity pack and submitting their findings.

The community could also fill out the brief survey, providing us with their valuable feedback.

Summary of Community Engagement

Overall community sentiment towards Arts and culture is positive with the majority of people feeling that arts and cultural activities help them:

  • Socialise and stay connected.
  • Have a richer, healthier, and more meaningful life.
  • Learn and discover new things.

Who we spoke to and how?

Who we spoke to and how?

We wanted to know what's unique about arts and culture in Western Downs and some of the things you told us were:

  • Community
  • Connectedness
  • Participation
  • Creativity
  • Discovery and learning
  • Belonging
  • Diversity
  • Pride of place
  • Shared learning
  • Resilience
  • Country and skies

We also asked what people find most rewarding about Arts and Cultural activities. According to people in the Western Downs, the thing that they love most about Arts and culture is its ability to provide social and community connection.

 Love most about Arts and culture

Whether it's within or outside Western Downs the top arts and cultural experiences and activities identified by the community are:

Cultural experiences and activities

Opportunities for Arts and Culture in Western Downs

Opportunities for Arts and Culture in Western Downs

What's next?

Community engagement is informing the development of an Arts and Culture Strategy, currently in the drafting phase. The strategy aims to encompass diverse community perspectives, reflecting cultural, social, and economic considerations. Following drafting, a comprehensive review process will refine the strategy, ensuring alignment with community values and broader policies. This iterative process ensures a dynamic and inclusive roadmap for fostering arts and culture in the community.