Project Background

From November 2022 through to March 2023, Western Downs Regional Council sought input from the community for new strategies to set clear visions for the future of the region's much-loved aquatic centres and showgrounds.

Council completed extensive community consultation in accordance with the Communications and Community Engagement Strategy, which included several mechanisms such as stakeholder meetings, site visits, visioning workshops, online and printed surveys, face to face and digital roundtable sessions, and focus groups.

The input provided in this comprehensive engagement has been integral in drafting the Aquatic Centres and Showgrounds Strategies, which have now been endorsed by Council.

We thank the community for its involvement in helping to guide the development of these two important strategies for our region. The next step involves the development of master plans in alignment with the newly-endorsed strategies.

Next Steps

The adopted strategies will inform long-term planning. There have also been some short-term actions arising from the engagement process including:

Aquatic Facilities
  1. Pool Lifeguard and Swim Teacher training were held in Chinchilla in June 2023 to address workforce shortages experienced across the region as identified in the Community Roundtable sessions held in Phase B Engagement.
  2. Trial of accessible pool stairs with handrails for the 2023/24 swim season as identified as a way of increasing accessibility and suggested by a community user who had difficulty using the ladder type access.
  1. Showgrounds Governance and Management project which will review and recommend actions for Jandowae as the pilot site.
  2. Showgrounds Asset Optimisation Development project investigation of potential project concepts, partners and grant opportunities for larger scale projects and inclusion in masterplans consideration.